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About Us


Thank you for visiting InTandem’s Design website. We are a small firm, yet our experiences are broad and far-reaching. We enjoy our lifestyles in a small city, but create work in an advertising market catering to a top 100 audience. We work together with our clients to generate and strengthen a client’s market share. We are not pretentious; we are honest, hardworking creative souls. We strive to do the best work for national, regional and local clients, day in and day out.

At InTandem, we view each project as unique. Often, all it takes is a different look to place you apart from the competition. Our imaginations are open to all products and all skills of design.

We are skilled in many design mediums, from computer renderings, to cartoons, to technical illustrations. Other services include publications, creative and technical illustration, photography, web design, writing and packaging. Whether its corporate identity programs, advertising campaigns, or packing and point-of purchase, InTandem has the design talents and knowledge to promote your projects impressively. Making your product or service shine in the best possible light is a rewarding benefit. Our staff is also experienced in all avenues of public relations, from journalism to broadcast to editorial services and media relations/placement.

We work in unison with our clients and believe that before we communicate with any audience, we have to communicate with each other. Strength comes from knowledge, and we make certain we know and understand our client’s businesses.